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Glass Evil Eye Nazar Keychain
#1020Evil Eye Keychain Talisman
Our Price: $5.95

Take the protection of the evil eye power everywhere with evil eye keychains, evil eye key rings & more. Lucky eye key chains are a perfect gift for loved ones.

Total Keychain Length 3"
Blue Nazar Glass Evil Eye Amulet Measures ~ 1" Diameter

Comes with a 1" Keyring & Lobster Claw

The specially crafted blue Turkish & Greek evil eye talisman is attached to a leather like backed material, creating a great practical evil eye key chain. We express our dedication to meticulous craftsmanship this item comes in multiple colors for your satisfaction. Evil Eye mall provides the largest selection of lucky evil eye keychains. Our items comes with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

What is the Evil Eye? The evil eye is a look believed by many cultures to cause injury or bad luck. Envy, dislike and admiration are all reasons for the evil eye to be shielded away. Originating in classic Greece, Rome and Turkey it can be seen throughout the world and today’s fashion. Displaying the charm acts a protector and as long as it is seen keeps you safe from bad luck. Ward off the envious evil eye and protect yourself with the culture.

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